COSAS Celebrates 38 years.

38 Years of mobilised, organised and strong student’s voice 

The Congress of South African Students celebrates 38 years of unbroken struggle of South African Students.

The students’ movement was formed in 1979 following the 1976 students uprising and went on to stage its first program which was to contest the hanging of comrade Solomon Mahlangu.

This organisation of Ephraim Mogale, Wantu Zenzile and Sheppie Mati has traceable history in the congress movement being the first organisation to adopt the Freedom Charter, forming part of the program titled “Student- Worker Action”, being one of the critical organisations in the formation of the United Democratic Front (UDF) and keeping the fire burning when most Mass Democratic Movements were banned in South Africa.

COSAS has tirelessly fought for the transformation of education in South Africa, the achievements that have been won by students include the formation of RCL’s in schools, introduction of non-fee-paying schools, introduction of technology in schools and paperless classrooms, appreciation of African languages in the curriculum just to name a few.

The students’ movement continues to be relevant as we take our struggle forward and strive to exist for another 38 years.

All we struggle for is an opportunity for all learners in South Africa, regardless of their background to have a chance to attain Academic Excellence.

Long live the spirit of 1979 Long live!

Long live the spirit of Ephraim Mogale the first president of COSAS Long live!

Long live Mama Winnie Madikizela Mandela the Honorary President of COSAS Long live!

Issued by COSAS National

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