COSAS comments on ANC's Statement

The Congress of South African Students (COSAS) comments on the ANC 2017 January 8th Statement and Wishes teachers well as they go back to school: 

The Congress of South African Students welcomes the January 8th Statement of the African National Congress. The decision to dedicate this year to president Oliver Tambo is befitting and exactly what the movement needs when it is in a period where there must be extensive work done to unite all motive forces of the National Democratic Revolution which must take South Africa to a National Democratic Society that will be united, non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous.

President Oliver Tambo was indeed a symbol of unity, integrity, principle and love for the struggle to liberate the majority and suppressed black South Africans. May this year which is dedicated to this struggle hero give re-birth to an African National Congress that once again leads all sectors of society and which restores hope and trust to ordinary citizens of the country; that the people’s movement is still primarily concerned with changing their lives and improving their basic conditions.

The Students movement welcomes the remarks that were made by the president of the African National Congress on Basic Education. Indeed, South Africa as a country under the ANC led government has done exceptional work in ensuring that every child accesses basic education by right. As the Congress of South African Students we are now calling for a radical and bold stance by the ANC to ensure that the education system of South Africa is in line with what we seek to achieve through the NDR.

It is the ANC which has declared that the land must go back to its rightful owners and that all citizens must benefit from the economy of the country, the education system of South Africa must reflect one that is preparing young people for such, through spreading further the specialisation schools which focus on engineering, agriculture and maritime studies, commercial subjects, advanced technology as well as sports and art.

Since the days of colonisation the people of South Africa had been detached from a sense of ownership of the country and loving it as a mechanism of making black people believe that white people are superior and are special type citizens of South Africa who must benefit from all the gold and honey of our land. We are in need of an education system that will teach young people to love their country and protect it with everything that they have because it belongs to them.

Our education system needs to produce young people who know and understand their culture and history, it needs to produce engineers, doctors, teachers, economists, journalists and other professionals  who will not only work to receive a salary at the end of the month, but  also contribute in developing and building this country for future generations. Life orientation as a subject in schools needs to be revised and history with progressive content needs to be compulsory from foundation phase.

The National Party was unapologetic and bold when it used education to deepen discrimination and racism. It is the government of today that must in opposite utilise the education system to produce a new breed of young people in society who do not have to be begged to participate in nation building but who do it willingly out of love of their own country. The ANC led government needs to be bold and decisive about creating an education system that will prepare young people who will be useful in the National Democratic Revolution and who will live in a National Democratic Society which is defined above.

The Congress of South African Students had an expectation that it would finally reflect in the January 8th statement that education is indeed a priority in this country through a detailed report on achievements, challenges and future plans of transforming basic education and making it a true basis of all plans we have to improve this country. When South Africa truly treats education as a priority, norms and standards of all schools’ infrastructure would be implemented, scholar transport for rural schools would be a basic necessity, technology and all other learning material would exist in every school as a basic need and well paid quality educators who are of acceptable moral standards in society would be in every school.

The ANC is our only hope as majority young people who are still in need of alleviation to a better life for all; we have nowhere else to raise our aspirations besides with this people’s movement. The ANC must accept that we do not trust any other organisation with this mammoth task of giving us quality, redressed and dynamic education.

COSAS wishes teachers well as they go back to school today, as they enter into school gates may they accept that the whole country is relying on them to build and equip the future of this country and produce learners who are educated and are critical thinkers. We must commend schools such as Velangaye in Nkandla whose matriculants had already started studying as from yesterday, it is such commitment from teachers and the learners which will produce quality passes at the end of the year. We encourage other schools to learn from this excellent example.

Issued by the Congress of South African Students


President General
Zama Khanyase- 0743348248

Secretary General
Khulekani Skosana -0823467959

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