Statement  on  the passing  of Cde  Sindiso  Magaqa The  Congress  of
South African  Students  joins the  nation  in  mourning  the  passing
of Cde  Magaqa. His passing comes  as  a  shattering  shock  through
the  nation  and  more  to  young  people  of  South Africa.

This is so  because  of  the  bench  mark  cde  Magaqa has  set  for
us as  comrades  in  the revolution  for free education  and  economic
freedom. Cde  Magaqa was indeed  what  we  aspire  to  become  as
members and leaders  within  the  ranks  of  the MDM  structures.

As representatives  of learners  of South  Africa,  we  are  proud  to
reference  Cde  Magaqa  to  our constituency  as  a good  reflection
of  what  we  need  to  grow  into  as comrades  and  young  people
in  the revolution; a  dedicated, hardworking,  courageous  and  honest
leader  he  was.

It  saddens us more  that  his passing  occurs  at  the peak  of
problems in  our  movement, whence  we  need  leaders with qualities
such  as those  he  possessed  to  drive  the revolution  out  of the
current crisis  it is  in; where  we  have  lost confidence of our
people  because  they  need  real change  and  real  change  now  in
the politics  of the economy  and  academics.

Cde  Magaqa  started his political  activism  at  a  very  young  age
having  led  COSAS  in  Ibiza  Secondary  School in  Umzimkhulu. As
the  current generation  of COSAS  we  are  proud  to  have  such a
leader  in  the  history books  of  our  organization,  he    will
remain  an icon  of  our movement and  we  mark  his passing  with  a
commitment    to  champion the young  people  of South  Africa in
classrooms  and  in  the general  society  through  advancing  the
revolution  for free  education  and  economic freedom  with  honesty,
unity  and hard  work  which in  his life of activism  he  has
strongly  displayed.

Tragic moments like these  call  to  us as  comrades  to  remember  that  we  are
servants,  only  here  to  give  our contributions to  the  nation
and  then pass,  therefore  this passing  also  serves  as a  wakeup
call  for  us to realise  that  our individual battles  with  one
another  and  greed for  power  is  the  greatest  calamity  that  our
movement  is facing  as  these  battles  play  no  significant  role
to  our  people  in  creating  a  better  life  for  all. Because  of
this, we  find  ourselves  robbed of  great  potential and  capacity
at  the  hands of  murderers with political  motives.

As  COSAS  we  then  call  upon  leaders  and  members  of  the  ANC
and  the  MDM  structures to  put  their  differences  aside  and
unite  with the  cause  to  give  only  the  best  to  our  people  in
the  struggle for free  education  and  economic  freedom.

As COSAS we  would  like  to  pass our  most  heartfelt  condolences
to  the  family  of  Magaqa, we  sympathise with you  as  the  nation
mourns with  you  in  this hour,  we  also  call  upon  the  police
to  ensure  that  justice  is served, however  the real justice  is
for  us as  comrades to  fulfill  our commitment to  our people,  of
which this commitment  is  the  same  one  that  cde  magaqa gave  his
last  breath  living  up  to.




The  NEC  of  COSAS  distances itself  and  equally  rebukes  the  REC
of COSAS Johannesburg  for  the statement  the  REC  released  on
the  5th  of September  2017  on  the  passing  of Cde  Sindiso
Magaqa in which  the it also denounced  the  current  president of
the  Youth league  Cde  Collen  Maine.

The NEC  has  noted  this  statement  with  disappointment  given  the
nature  of  its  presentation  and  the NEC  will be  taking
disciplinary  measures  against  the REC  of Johannesburg.

Issued  by  the  Congress  of South African  Students  National office.

President General
John  Macheke
074  819  5716

Secretary  General   Siyabonga  Mobokazi
072  179  7905