COSAS outraged at sexual abuse against female students.

Our female students are not sex slaves and our public schools are not for male educators who suffer from high libido!

The statement of the 18th NEC of COSAS.

We the 18th NEC of the strategic revolutionary student organisation
and the progressive parliament of student politics in the republic of
South Africa, have noted with great concern the sexual violation and
sexual abuse against female students in many schools in the republic.
This phenomena and problem of educators who are romantically and
sexually involved with female students is prejudicing and eroding the
image of our education system and it is further bringing the image of
our public schools into disrepute and dragging the image of the
government that is led by the ANC through the mud.

As the revolutionary collective leadership of COSAS and battalions of
the student revolution in our current political epoch  we view these
problems and barbaric tradition in a serious  light and we have taken
a progressive decision that we are not going to massage the feelings
of porn stars that are masquerading as educators in our schools and we
have reached a political consensus that we are going to apply
revolutionary student tactics and guerilla intellectualism strategies
in order to eradicate sexual related abuse against female students in
our schools. We have further agreed as the collective leadership of
COSAS that we are going to design a Progam Of Action that is going to
guide us in terms how programs of COSAS must concretely unfold and
guide us to conduct school visits to mobilise and galvanise
NGO’s, Community Development Organisations, progressive youth
organisations and community members who are going to help us to fight
and dislodge teachers who suffer from high libido and chonop struggle
in our schools.

We are concerned about the entrenched shenanigan tradition of teachers
who are in relationships with female students. Teachers need to
understand that they are entrusted with the lives of learners in
schools and that they are viewed as parent figures away from
home.Furthermore, We are worried about what has transpired in Bothitong
High School and we have noted with great concern that there are 30
female students at Boithitong High School in Northern Cape in Kuruman
who have been impregnated by male teachers in the past three years
and those male teachers allegedly paid them stipends for sex.
Therefore we call for teachers who suffer from sexual poverty in their
marriage and who are romantically and sexually involved with female
students to be fired with immediate effect because these porn stars
masquerading as teachers in our schools are destroying the future of
our female students and have no space nor place in our education
system. If teachers who slept with 30 girls at Bothitong High School in
Northern Cape are not going to be brought into books and be fired, we
are going to revolt through mobilising community members to sjambok
those sex addicts and isolate them because they are nothing but
scavengers and porn stars who have a potential to destroy the future
of students of Bothitong High School. If the provincial department of
education is not going to take actions against those perverts we are
going to instruct the South African Council Of Educators to erase and
deregister such porn star teachers from the system.

In conclusion we are of the view that the rise of Sexual Transmitted
Diseases and other sexual diseases amongst girl learners is a result
of them sleeping with teachers who are failing to satisfy their wives
in bed.

We have resolved that we are going to remain prudent and vigilant to
the course of advancing our generational battle cry for
decommodification of education at pre-tertiary institutions. We have
further resolved that we are not going to hide anything from the
masses of our students and we are going to expose teachers who are
romantically and sexually involved with female students in our schools
because we are guided by the following revolutionary quote of Cadre
Amilcar Cabral; “Hide nothing from the masses of our people, Expose lies
whenever they are told,Mask no lies,Mask no difficulties,Tell no
lies,Claim no easy victories.

The struggle for decommodification of education continues.

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