Ayanda Mabulu must be trialed

COSAS Says the People’s Court Must Trial Ayanda Mabulu:

The Congress of South African Students has instructed the leadership of COSAS Western Cape to search for where Ayanda Mabulu stays in the Western Cape.

The student’s movement is disgusted by the continued disrespectful paintings that are distributed by the untalented and pervert Ayanda Mabulu who seeks fame through pleasing those who have a deep personal hate and obsession with the president of the country.

There is nothing creative or art about the paintings that are done by Mabulu but an individual seeking relevance and an audience because if his paintings don’t have naked people and an ANC emblem in it, people don’t look at it twice.

Mabulu is a bad example to society especially to young growing children, as a student’s movement we can no longer tolerate the forced viewing of pornography that is enforced by this sick excuse for an artist called Ayanda, especially in a country where we have seen distribution of child pornography on social media.

We cannot seat back and allow the normalising of pornographic “art” worse when it features our respected struggle icons who gave up their lives as well as that of their families in order to attain the freedom we enjoy today.

This sorry excuse for an adult represents everything that we don’t stand for as Africans, which is disrespect for adults, immorality, arrogance, unappreciative and bad example, as the future of this country we cannot have such an individual roaming around the streets.

This amount of disrespect should be equal to treason, if we could and it were up to us we would say necklace or hanging is the perfect verdict for this arrogant and unremorseful adult rascal, there is nothing to discuss with Ayanda Mabulu.

We believe we are speaking for majority of Africans on the ground and are expressing what is in their hearts which some may not have the necessary courage or platform to say it, when we say we urge people to take the law into their own hands if they come across him because our justice system will fail us and everything we stand for as a nation.

Issued by the Congress of South African Students


President General
Zama Khanyase- 0743348248

Secretary General
Khulekani Skosana-0823467959

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