COSAS takes legal action against a bogus structure purporting to be a National Task Team

The National Executive Committee of COSAS, duly elected at the National Congress which was constituted in accordance with the constitution between 21st – 23rd February 2020 at Magalies Retreat Resort, wishes to warn our members, allies and the public about a disgruntled group of people masquerading as a National Task Team of COSAS. These desperate individuals go around releasing statements on behalf of the organisation without any mandate but their egos. We wish to condemn this act of desperation and ask that our members, allies and the public not to give attention to these rogue elements.

It is important that we remain vigilant during these times of FAKE NEWS that opportunistic elements who appoint themselves in dark corners do not expropriate the legacy of our revolutionary student movement. We call on our partners not to give platform to these individuals as they have no mandate from the membership of COSAS, who are the true owners of this organisation. COSAS remains an independent revolutionary student formation within the Mass Democratic Movement led by the African National Congress.

Acting on the mandate of the collective membership of COSAS and all learners of our country this NEC will act decisively to ensure that the integrity and public standing of our organisation is not put at risk by juvenile delinquents calling themselves an NTT. In this regard we instructed our lawyers to send a cease and desist letter to these individuals on the 19 April 2020, giving them until the 22 April 2020 to stop their antics. However they continue to roam the streets in a consorted misinformation campaign and delusions of grandiose. The NEC instructed our lawyers to URGENTLY approach the courts to end this act of desperation by these individuals. We will take all actions to protect the legacy of this revolutionary student movement.

The Congress of South African Students’ has one National Executive Committee elected and mandated by the membership across the country. We reject with contempt any attempt to cause confusion and warn those who are sponsoring these rogue elements that they will be exposed.

For more information

COSAS National Executive Committee

President General                                                             

Thabang Mokoena
Tel: 060-926-0444

Secretary General

Tebogo Magafane
Tel: 074-736-7729

Important Information:

Official and only COSAS National Office contact details and social media pages:

Tel: 011 376 1096/7
Facebook: COSAS HQ

COSAS is currently led by Cde Thabang Mokoena as the President and Cde Teboho Magafane as the Secretary General of the 19th NEC.

Below are the fake and unofficial contact details and social media pages:

Facebook: COSAS National Office

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