COSAS welcomes K53 into the curriculum

The Congress of South African Students (COSAS) welcomes the inclusion of K53 into the curriculum and calls for focus on scholar transport:

The Congress of South African Students welcomes the inclusion of K53 in the South African schools’ Curriculum. This is a call that has been made by the students’ movement for years because we understand that currently part of the most common requirements for entrance into the job market is a driver’s licence and a matric certificate. COSAS holds a view that we need an education system that will prepare young people to participate in growing the economy of the country as well as preparing them to be responsible citizens, which includes being qualified drivers.

As an organisation, we are calling for a well-prepared plan of the inclusion of k53 in the curriculum so that it does not only become a declaration or fail to work in some schooling environments. The plan must outline how the classes will be taken and that it be confined within the schooling hours.  This is a progressive declaration by the department of transport and it should benefit all learners including those who are in disadvantaged schools in the rural areas and townships.

The Congress of South African Students in the same breath calls for both the department of transport and the department of education to place particular focus on scholar transport. In this day and age there are still learners who walk more than 10 kilometres to and from school every day facing many dangers along the way which include kidnapping, rape, attacks, crossing rivers without bridges and bad weather conditions.

In cases where there are personal arrangements of transport by parents it is usually old vehicles which are no longer road worthy and are overloaded. This has led to many road accidents, claiming the lives of the future of this country or leaving them permanently disabled.

The Department of Transport and the Department of Education as a matter of urgency must immediately work on the following:

-Uniform standards that must be met by a vehicle to qualify to take learners to school which must include proof of regular servicing of the car.
-The number of learners allowed in each vehicle.
-The standard fares which must be fitting for a learner.
-Total scrapping out of vans and rusted taxis.

Issued by the Congress of South African Students


President General
Zama Khanyase: 0743348248

Secretary General
Khulekani Skosana: 0823467959

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