Fellow students, we are once again in that time of the year where we have to write the ultimate final examinations, which will determine whether or not we are to move on to the next grade or into institutions of higher learning for matriculants. These exams are going to represent a process of stepping towards progress in everyone’s life.

As a students’ movement, we have vested interest in these examinations and we urge all students to be on the watch and to take note that in their respective schools they are all ready for examinations, not just academically or in grasping all the knowledge they will be tested on, but also in the environment of the school.

If learners feel that there are certain issues such as lack of safety or unavailability of water and sanitation in the school, they must urgently raise such matters with the school and also report them to COSAS. There should be nothing that will disadvantage learners as they write their final examinations in schools.

The Congress of South African Students encourages each and every learner to take responsibility for themselves during this period in order to ensure that they don’t rob themselves off opportunities and time which cannot be reversed. COSAS is saying students must change their habits during this time, let us cut off parties, limit time on extra mural activities and invest more time on studying and making final preparations for examinations.

Let us worry our teachers in the staffrooms and let us form new friendships in schools which will consist of people who have better knowledge on various subjects. Learners must not be ashamed of asking for help and admitting that they don’t understand certain chapters in a subject and need seek assistance from their peers

or teachers. We are saying everyone must be unapologetic about putting an effort so that they will pass.

All the best to both students and teachers with the upcoming final examinations, may each school strive for nothing less than a hundred percent pass rate.

Issued by the Congress of South African Students National office.

President General John Macheke 074 819 5716

Secretary General

Nkhobo Khomongoe

062 213 3725

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