The National Executive Committee (NEC) true and revolutionarily bold to upholding and deliver to its national congress resolutions which was held at Magalies Retreat Resort, from the 21st to 23rdFebruary 2020 under the theme ‘COSAS UNITY FOR EDUCATIONAL TRANSFORMATION’.

This was solely in the spirit of reviving and to reinvigorate the political significance of the most reliable and biggest student movement in the country COSAS, true to the words of the longest serving president of the ANC, the late Cde Oliver Tambo(May his revolutionary spirit continue to rest and guide us in peace ).It was in that auspicious occasion that shaped the cause of our people, the inaugural conference of May 1979 that in his letter to conference he closed by these remarks “congress movement is born, the fortress of our people.”

We draw from Cde OR Tambo’s words as a symbol of magnitude the African National Congress (ANC) held during apartheid days, on the relevance and significance COSAS has in shaping our peoples discourse towards a national democratic society, that we firmly believe the ANC as the leader of society has so far done fairly good in redressing injustice of the past towards this objective. However, we remain the most destitute and marginalized part of society economically and otherwise, signifying the continuous role COSAS has to play in the education sector as a site of struggle and as members of society before being students.

 It is as a result that the NEC pens its concerns with regards to recent developments, that in our collective thinking, a sober ANC we know and continue to believe in as a leader of society needs no Umrabulo on such basics in pursuance of our struggles. It can’t be correct that the ANC can barely hold centre towards our ultimate objective of unity towards a national democratic society.

We note these adverse developments in light and nature of a creeping tendency by certain individuals whom are sadly ANC NEC members. Sadly because it is these members whom much is expected from them in assisting us theoretically and politically to respond to the call of uniting COSAS for the greater advancement of the national democratic revolution as a motive force, rather we find them in our gatherings at the forefront of further sowing divisions amongst us.

One such is this politically lousy ANC NYTT whom its lousiness has elevated it into a taxi driver of factions aimed at giving free rides to those who are embracing factional tendencies, masqueraded as leadership.

We as COSAS are calling on the NWC of the ANC to swiftly deal with that seriously incapacitated NYTT as it has already demonstrated to be factional in dealing with the renewal process of the ANCYL but further attempts to divide COSAS national congress. 

COSAS demands that the NWC of the ANC has demonstrated its political will, which we believe it was in the best interests of the ANCYL survival against scavengers who were hell-bent to hijack it.

We are confident that the NWC will not fail millions of young people’s hope in the restoration process of the gigantic ANCYL to its former glory through this political delinquent in the form of the ANC NYTT, as this will have a dire effect on the rejuvenation of all youth structures within the Mass Democratic Movement.

As COSAS we’re clear and unambiguous on anything against wishes and aspirations of the downtrodden youth of this country are a clear assault on the National Democratic Revolution and we will lobby intensely and extensively for removal of those who are against the unity of young people in the country.

We wish to assure all learners across the length and breadth of the country that we won’t be hesitant to stage a countrywide mass revolt against anything that defies any mandate you gave us as the 19th NEC. We wish to assure you that this political impasse we find ourselves in draws us closer to the heart and mind of our late revolutionary unsung father Cde Joe Gabi whom our existence as an organization is through his sacrifice.

We wish to further reiterate that the essence of our transformation is centred on a politically conducive environment informed by a united organization for all progressive young people of the country.

Issued by the Congress of South African Students National office

President General
Thabang Mokoena
060 926 0444

Secretary General
Teboho Magafane
074 736 7729

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