Allow the 18th NEC of the Congress of South African Students to pass its Furious Revolutionary grievances.

 We are writing this statement at a time where we feel undermined by opportunists within the ANC, Leopards in a Sheeps Skin. We are not ashamed to name the opportunists, Dikeledi Magadzi and Jackson “Toothless” Mthembu, Chief Whip of the ANC in Parliament. They are trying by all means and at all material conditions to rubbish the Legacy of Mama Winnie Mandela.

We recall the hatred of Mama Winnie Mandela by Dikeledi Magadzi when she resigned as an NEC Member of the ANCWL under the Presidency of Mama Winnie Mandela, which came after Dikeledi Magadzi labelled our honorary President as a criminal who cannot lead. As that was not enough, she also played a role in accusing Mama Winnie of assassinating the young Stompie.

A year after the passing of Mama Winnie and years after we thought that she has thrown her evil, jealous and opportunistic behaviour away, she goes to Parliament and portrays her permanent hatred for the Mather of the Nation and continues to prove that she will never recognise and applaud the contribution and the role that Mama Winnie played in liberating all the people of South Africa and Africa as a continent.

We cannot allow a woman without fortitude, political direction and vision to continue tarnishing the name of our Mother, hence it is for this reason that the Congress of South African Students challenges the African National Congress and we want to make it a good point and example that insulting the queen of Africa is a taboo as Nigerians would say. The example would be by making sure that they never return as MPs as their stay in Parliament is reckless, evil and forfeiter.

We cannot allow this political demagogue of Dikeledi Magadzi to open her big mouth and use her small brain to insult our Mother.

Since the 5th Democratic parliament was opened, there is no trace nor any link of Dikeledi Magadzi deliberating on significant issues of moving our country forward, but she behaves as if she was hired as an agent to fight against the Legacy of Mama Winnie Mandela.

We know for a fact that Jackson “Toothless” Mthembu has never loved COSAS and as for that reason that he will never love Mama Winnie, that automatically means that he will never admire the contribution made by our Queen the mother of the nation.

We are used to this barbaric behaviour of Jackson “Toothless” Mthembu of spitting on the graves of our struggle heroes and heroines as it was him who was in the forefront of organising the funeral of President Peter Mokaba but made it a Point that even in her capacity as the President of the ANCWL, Mama Winnie does not get a slot to bid farewell to her revolutionary product, even when he knew that Mama Winnie moulded both the Congress and broad politics of the Lion of the North.

Instead of strengthening the Safety in our School where children and teachers get attacked every day, they see it fit that attacking Mama Winnie will make them famous and we are going to make sure that you become famous of your jealous.

Regardless of who raises any motion of any nation with regards to the progression of the Legacy of Mama Winnie Mandela, there must be outmost support to such and stop dancing on floors which do not fit your attire. We cannot name Port Elizabeth Airport after the British Queen and not name Cape Town International Airport after the queen of Africa mama Winne Madikizela Mandela.



We have noted many killings in our schools the recent incidents of a grade 5 leaner being stabbed by another learner at Mateane Primary School, a teacher being stabbed by a learner in North West, so  the Congress of South African Students we have launched a campaign that will only deal with violence and evil spirits in our schools, we believe that some of these things come from our own communities and end up escalating to our schools.

We need to fight gangsters, drug dealers and evil churches that are there in our communities that teach our learners to kill each other or kill people. We call upon all communities to help us strengthen the safety of teachers and learners in our schools.

Issued by congress of South African Students

For enquiries contact

 COSAS President General
John Macheke
074 819 5716

COSAS Secretary General
Nkhobo Khomongoe
071 838 2891

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