Cosas statement on the malicious reporting of the independent media and the cosas march.

COSAS is vehemently disappointed and astonished by the frivolous attempts of associating the Congress of South African Students’ with an arrogant group labelling themselves as ‘Gatvol’ which had plans of marching to Luthuli House in an attempt to remove the Democratically Elected President Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa.

We wish to state it categorically clear that COSAS had nothing nor any form of association with the desperate group. COSAS has strong confidence in President Ramaphosa and Secretary-General Ace Magashule and at no point, has COSAS decided to take to the streets to require the removal of President Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa.

We also wish to send a stern warning to the Independent Media that they should not use the name of this glorious leaners movement to advance their profit agenda. We also believe that Independent Media is part of the malicious scheme of trying to destroy and weaken the ANC. We will not allow any media house to act as antagonistic forces to try and derail the work done by the ANC in transforming the lives of our people, particularly our learners more especially when the ANC has heeded to our call of digitalizing Education through the Covid-19 Legacy Project where all our learners and teachers are being supplied with tablets for E-learning across the length and breadth of the country.

On March.

COSAS, as guided by the disaster management act, convened a march comprising of 50 people. The march was divided into two parts. The first stop would be the NPA to submit a memorandum demanding the arrest of those involved in the PPE heist, particularly MEC’s who are centrally involved in the saga.

The second stop was supposed to be the ANC HQ, Luthuli House to demand the removal of ANC elders in the NYTT. Members of COSAS are equal members of the ANCYL and we cannot be spectators of the ANCYL decaying under the old leaders of the ANC as their sole duty is to transform the lives of South Africans.

The march was roused by a heavy presence of the SAPS and SANDF, not adhering to the regulation they are supposed to be enforced as the force had more than 500 members.

We were later made victims of corruption as we were harassed before we could march to our destinations, our comrades were shot at and eight (8) of our comrades were arrested and detained at the notorious John Voster Police Station.
We are at a point of great disappointment as the state continues to waste resources by advancing efforts of criminalizing those that fight against corruption and injustice. The resources the state used to bug our cellphones and the huge deployment of security forces were supposed to be used for the betterment of education in the country.

Even after the efforts of fighting against corruption and political assassination are derailed, we do not deter from the struggle that we have identified as a component of the PYA.

On the unethical ANC MP Tandi Mahambehlala.

The Congress of South African Students also calls upon the ANC not to be selective when dealing with the issue of acting against its members and depolyees of government. If a former leader of COSAS Cde Boy Mamabolo (MP) could be charged with insulting a South African journalist, the same you will be done with all its ANC members.

We also call upon the ANC to use the same process of in disciplining Tandi Mahambehlala (MP) as she has intentionally insulted a South African and a member of the ANCYL using vulgar language. She continuous to prove that she is not worth the responsibility bestowed to her by the ANC.

We call upon the suspension of Tandi Mahambehlala from Parliament and be permanently removed from the ANC NYTT as she has the capacity of insulting South Africans and members of the ANCYL. Her recent act of impurity might just be a drop in the ocean as there are possibilities that those actions could be her usual political way of trying to find relevance.

The integrity committee of the ANC should act decisively against its unethical member of the NEC, who also brags about herself being a member of the ANC NEC and purports that she is untouchable. She must also be ordered to apologize formally and publicly.

We call upon all members of the ANC Youth League to write letters to the Secretary-General of the ANC demanding the removal of all elders from the ANC NYTT.


Issued by the 19th National Executive Committee.

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